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Ultimate 8 Week Challenge

Get everything you need to transform your body and life in 8 weeks or less...

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Ultimate 8 Week Challenge eBook

In this 226 page ebook you'll get the exact training & nutrition programs we have used to transform of hundreds of physiques, including:

  • Meal plans (male & female plans, meal delivery option, plant-based & more)

  • Discount code for fresh meal delivery

  • Workout routines (at-home & at-gym)

  • Challenge-friendly recipes (snacks, desserts, special meals & more) 

  • Supplement guide

  • Mindset training

* Included in all packages

Body Scans

The body scanner is a non-evasive 60-second scan that provides detailed data about your body and the results of the program. It takes more than 40 measurements, including:

  • Muscle mass

  • Fat mass

  • Visceral fat (fat surrounding organs)

  • Water levels

  • Mineral levels

  • And, much more

You will receive 2 scans: 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of the challenge. 

* Included in Gold & Platinum packages only


Professional Photos

The best way to determine your progress & results in any fitness program is through before & after photos. When training performance improves we should also see changes in the way we look. Therefore, by taking professional before & after photos you will get the added benefits of:

  • Clear & accurate progress tracking

  • Extra accountability

You will receive 2 photo shoots: 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of the challenge. 

* Included in Gold & Platinum packages only

Fitness Tests

A big difference between Blueprint's Ultimate 8 Week Challenge and any other challenge, is the emphasis we place on fitness performance. This is not simply a weight loss challenge. This is an overall body and fitness challenge which is why we take a series of different tests that fall under the following categories:

  • Strength Tests

  • Aerobic Tests


You will receive 2 fitness tests: 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of the challenge. 

* Included in Gold & Platinum packages only

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Weekly Check-Ins

Get the support & guidance from our professional trainers from start to finish of the challenge.


Weekly check-ins give you the opportunity to get any questions answered, any problems handled & extra accountability knowing there is someone there following up with you each week setting you up for a successful challenge.​

You will receive 1 check-in each week.

​* Included in Gold & Platinum packages only

Online Community

Become an even bigger part of the 8 Week Challenger Community when you get access to our private FaceBook group where we will share:

  • Challenge tips & tricks

  • Motivational posts

  • Special recipes

  • And, much more

​* Included in all packages


Exclusive Events

Enjoy exclusive events for Challengers-Only when you purchase either a Gold or Platinum Package, including

  • Beach Boot Camp & BBQ

  • End of Challenge Party

​* Included in all packages


Get ready for Winter with your very own Blueprint Hoodie to rock at boot camp and while out and about.

* Included in Gold & Platinum packages only


Check out some of our successful Challengers!

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Megan lost 14.7 kgs in 8 weeks...

Anthony lost 14.1 kgs in 8 weeks...

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Jessica lost 7.3 kgs in 8 weeks

Jasmine lost 12.2 kgs in 8 weeks

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