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Welcome to the Blueprint Fam

Blueprint is a community that was built from the ground up. 

No egos. No judgement. Just Family.


Our story...

"Blueprint Body Performance was simply an idea of converting my very successful personal training methods into a fun and interactive group class, that could be enjoyed by many. 


I wanted people to be excited about their workouts. I wanted people to fall in love with the vibe at their gym. I wanted people to not have to worry about exercise selection or injuring themselves because a fitness professional wasn't there to watch over them.


Most of all, I wanted to create a place where people could enjoy heart-pumping, sweat-dripping workouts in an environment that they felt comfortable enough to call home.


That is how Blueprint was formed and from its humble "Garage Boot Camp" days through to what is now a well renowned Fitness Studio, that family culture and realness is something that has never changed.

If you're already a member you'll know what I'm talking about and if you're not, I can't wait for you to experience what I'm talking about.

Welcome to the #BlueprintFam!"

Adrian Caligiuri

Blueprint Body Performance Founder

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