8-Week Body Performance Challenge!

October 09 - December 04

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What The




The Boot Camps use a combination of STRENGTH & FUNCTIONAL exercises to develop muscle, shed fat and improve overall body performance. 


The Meal Plans are designed and customised by a registered Nutritionist, to suit both your fitness goals and caloric needs. The meals are simple, delicious, family-friendly and easy to prepare. 


Track your before and after progress with professional photos and scans. With an Evolt full body composition scan, you'll get personalised and detailed recordings of everything to do with how your body is made up and then track and analyse your progressive results from start to finish.


It's not all about the scales! That is why we have introduced NEW before & after fitness testing. This will show you just how you measure up with your fitness progress and all the hard work you're put into your training. 


You will become part of the most supportive gym community and gain access to a private FaceBook group for BONUS tips and guidance. Exclusive Boot Camp sessions and events will be held for members of the challenge ONLY, allowing you to meet and train alongside other participants! 

The next Challenge starts October 09

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So, Here Is How Registration Works...

Register your details! Let us know where we can send you information about the upcoming challenge.

Come along to the Information Evening! You'll then receive your invitation to the 8 Week Challenge info night where we will share everything you need to know in greater detail.


We will cover each area of the challenge and how you can adopt the nutrition habits, exercise know-how and strong mindset essential to transform your body. We will also give away a special discount available only to attendees... so make sure you get there!

Take action! After receiving a TON of valuable information, tips and guides from our industry-leading trainers you can then decide to take action.


You can choose to take what you have learned and go out to try and implement it




You can have it all done for you and commit the next 8 weeks to achieving your best body. 


Yes, there will be some prep-work involved…

But every day, you’ll be taking steps toward achieving your dream body!  

Megan dropped 14.7 kgs in just 8 weeks

Lisa dropped 7.1 kgs in just 8 weeks

Anthony dropped 14.1 kgs in just 8 weeks

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Here's A Summary Of...      Everything You Get 

  • Boot Camp Membership (over 40 sessions a week to choose from!)

  • 8-Week Summer Shredding Guide, which includes...

  • Customised Nutrition Plans (Vegan & Vegetarian included)

  • Workout Plans (Home & Gym Included)

  • Summer Shredding Recipe Cookbook

  • Weight-loss Supplement Guide

  • Body Transformation Progress Planner

  • Evolt Full Body Composition Analysis Scans (Before & After)

  • Fitness Tests For Functional Strength Progress (Before & After) 

  • Professional Photo Shoot (Before & After)

  • BONUS: Exclusive Access To Our Private FaceBook Group for Tips, Motivation & Accountability

  • BONUS: Blueprint Tank Top

  • BONUS: Exclusive Boot Camps & Events for Challenge Participants ONLY

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